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  • Children's Short Wetsuit, ages 2-14

    great product, strong zip, good fit, got the xx-small for 5 year old son, fits perfect

    5 stars

    2018-06-21 15:41:54

  • Baby Banz Ear Defenders, Pink, up to 2 years

    Very impressed with the next day delivery! Very efficient altogether! And the headphones worked a treat! Keep up the good work!

    5 stars

    2018-06-18 08:39:56

  • Children's Full Length Wetsuit, ages 2-14

    Thanks guys n gals wetsuit fab ..will recommend!

    5 stars

    2018-06-11 16:44:54

  • Girls Full-length Wetsuit

    Thanks. Wetsuit arrived in time for the weekend. It is a great fit & had its first outing Saturday morning, first sea swim of the summer... my daughter is delighted, thank you :-)

    5 stars

    2018-05-24 14:40:43

  • baby beach and pool shoes

    Best pool shoes I’ve used and the only ones that don’t slip. I’ve been recommending these to all my friends

    5 stars

    2018-05-17 14:40:47

  • Babies & Toddlers Super Soft Wetsuit, Blue/Orange, ages 1-4

    Love it! Used it this weekend and my daughter was so warm in it. Loved the softness of the lining and great quality overall. Thanks for fast shipping.

    5 stars

    2018-05-10 11:09:25

  • Pink Swallows Waterproof Set, ages 6 months - 8 years

    Wow, impeccable quality. Very happy with this rain set.

    5 stars

    2018-04-26 12:00:35

  • Green Waterproof Dungarees, ages 1-9

    Can't rate high enough, Kids don't sweat in them like cheaper makes/brands. Worth spending that little bit more, these are worth every penny. They also last really long, my kids have reused these and some sets are on the go 5 years on and still in great condition.

    5 stars

    2018-03-28 09:28:48

  • Pink Check Lined Wellies

    Super quick delivery, fabulous boots, one happy lil lady! Thanks Puddleducks. We have spent so much time in the mud over the last few years, its great to have you guys supplying the smallies with great gear. Thanks again,

    5 stars

    2018-03-15 15:57:06

  • Abeko Fleece-lined Waterproof Mittens

    These are so amazing!!!! I decided to get these after years of dreading winter and snow due to my older kids' drama with needing help with fixing gloves, snow getting in, freezing cold hands after playing in the snow, etc. With these gloves I've seen my younger kids dig in puddles in close to freezing temperatures and not a drop of water got in. The other day my toddler spent two hours constantly playing in the snow and NOT ONCE did these gloves need to be fixed for him AND he returned home with dry, toasty warm hands! My preschooler has been wearing them outside at school everyday for the past three months and the gloves look brand new! One of the best kids poroducts EVER.Best Wishes,

    5 stars

    2018-02-12 09:49:29

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